kato age two

Happy Birthday dear Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet-nesssssssss

Just a day late - but heres The Sweetness at three years young.kAt0 probably won't fully grow up until there is a younger doglet in the Collective. With That Abe and Java needing to go to vets (geriatric attention seekers eclipsng ma birthday innit - kAt0) - and humans actually leaving the house to see Count Arthur Strong this evening - no time to get her Big Present, another paddling pool. We have cunning plans to save it from a premature demise like her last one. Also on the look out for another tunnel as she actually doesn't fit through her current one( http://floot.demon.co.uk/lynn/tunnel2005.AVI )- her big sassy booty gets stuck - quite a comic scene - a flummoxed kAt0 stuck in the tunnel and then human having to prise dogs rear end out of concertined tunnel - no photographic evidence unfortunately. In she scrummy?