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Little Abe and The Anal Probe

Sounds like the title of a Harry Potter book or something - Little Abe and the Anal Probe.  Abe has been scooting a lot recently - for those  of you without scooting dogs - she scoots on her bottom, with her back legs off the floor and pulling herself along. This makes her aggravated and sore - and makes us wince, especially when she does it on gravel. This usually means she has impacted anal glands and its off to the vets to have them manually emptied................flist of sensitive tummy nature may want to leave this story here

 Abe wriggles and performs in the vets at the best of times, (think Rod Hull and Emu) - usually ending with us offering to pay for the damage to the equipment. And hoping that Abes grumbling isn't like the Clangers voices where you just know they are cursing and swearing.

Hippy clamped Abe on to the table and the vet duly inserted his digit into Abe's bottom. "Oh, empty" remarked the vet "Lets try the other side......oh jeez.......gawd..........strewth"

Remember flour bombs at school, but imagine a brown flour bomb with added mucous. It was up the wall, it sprayed the radiator, the floor was awash, the vets shirt was covered. Ewwwwww. Following through never felt so good. There was an impish twinkle in Little Abes eyes as she meeped serenely "I,ll get myself down off the examination table shall I? While you get the mop?"

In other less dramatic and odourous veterinary news - Abe now has three of those fatty lumps deposited about her body, but vets not worried if she isn't bothered by them. And Little Abe weighs in at a very athletic 17kg.
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