kato age two


Java enjoyed her trip to the vets about her back trouble - Vet Ian could find very little wrong, walked her up some stairs, even took her for a long street walk to try and see if she did the tense gait. He could see there was some sort of discomfort but nothing too dramatic - probably just twisted herself playing Slippy Dog. So its just basket-rest and as she weighed in at a well-loved (but not over-loved -still a skinny stick dog) 25kg her Metacam has been increased. Java was well behaved in the waiting room, saying a polite "what you in for?" to her waiting room companions. 

Java did wonder why hippy didn't tell the vet about the terrible nightmare/hallucination she had on Saturday - for 90 seconds she was convinced she saw Evil Bitch That Abe - a side effect of the Metacam perhaps.
Jazz says she's glad Java seems to be more comfortable. She enoyed their little walk together.

Penny says who the hell are you talking about, I never met no java dog down there.

I say would Penny have noticed if she had met Java? Glad she's properly bendy again.