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PeaceBarks / Back Ache / Sadness

Regular readers will know that Java and Abe have not been in the same space for over two years.  With Lindsay gone, kAt0 being an adult (of sorts!) and Java having made friends with other dogs on her private retreats with her Wallace, we wondered if the dynamic in the pack had changed. So yesterday, with both on leads we stood in the garden,pockets full of treats. It took about 90 seconds before the growling and lungeing started. I could barely get Java back in the house, every fur on her body standing on end. Disappointing. 

Its not the posturing of a pack squabble - its for the kill, she would have torn Abes throat out given half a chance. Sad. The pacifist kAt0 was in a flat panic but was certainly considering lamping them both or running away.  kAt0 has never had a fight, only over enthusiastic Slippy Dog, unlike the battle scarred Abe and Java and its probably best we keep it that way.

Java has also done something to her hips or back which has gotten progressively worse over the weekend. She has been saying Ow quite a lot, has fallen up the stairs and is walking in a very tense manner.  Her back is arched, her back end looks distorted from the waist tailwards. Her face is pinched with pain until the drugs kick in. She very gingerly gets up onto the bed or sofa (staying off is not an option in Java's mind). We have her on her full dose of metacam and she is to the vets tomorrow. Being poorly and possibly the confrontation with Abe has made Java very affectionate which just makes the psychotic aggression more difficult to accept.

Abe is endlessly scooting on her bum - so she too is off to the vets (but on a different day) for the anal probe.

And as with humans, some dogs are just wired up wrong and no amount of love, devotion and intervention can change their distorted view and interaction with the world. Deep sadness for a friend since some sad news yesterday - its been a quiet ,reflective and tearful household here at Canine Feminist Collective HQ
You probably think Im mental but I think 90 seconds is actually really good for two dogs that hate each other
I don't think Java clocked straight away that it was Abe - not sure whether Abe was being over-excited to see Java or on the offensive - but Java was homicidal. Sigh.
Cheez. That's a shame.

I'd always hoped Java would get over it as part of her mellowing of the past few years. Still at least you've the space to separate them (and there's always my gaff if Java fancies a night away).
She's on basket rest at the moment - went all bendy and didn't straighten out again. She looked like a camel that had juts got off a horse yesterday.

But she's keen to take you up on the offer if it involves beer gardens and sleeping.
Not sure about the beer gardens (my local's got its own dog: Tyson would'ja believe!) but we can offer sleeping. :o)
oh love, that is gut-wrenching, lots of sympathy to everyone.

I have finally got dates for bus visits, so will be considering when other visits can happen.