kato age two

Awwww.....In She Scrummy?

This was taken a week ago - this is Sweetness at nearly three years old. Found just one stray silver hair on her chin - but still a mad puppy loon. Trying to locate a decent paddling pool for her BIg Present as she managed to rip her last one by dragging it over some bricks. kAt0 is officlally an adult dog and has these barks of wisdom

 Being grown-up is - 

1. not depositing a big gloop of frog spawn on the ktichen floor - this year she seems disinterested and hasn't even been in the pond yet
2. running to the door the potential intruder is actually at - rather than just the random Barkfest and over excited gamboling round the garden
3. working out that if you spit your chip/biscuit/treat on the floor to inspect it - That Abe teleports in and steals it
4. its only the bottom half of the dog that needs to keep still during a Sit Stay
5. mooning through the windows at passers-by is Da Cooleez