kato age two

Tell-Tail Signs

Heres the Animal Welfare Bill in its entirety


 - as entire as all those beautiful, expressive  tails are going to have to be in the future.  Unless I am reading it wrong, it also includes the cruel ugly spectacle that is Crufts and other dog "showing" horrorfests. They are going to have to rethink their breed standards and have dogs who can communicate. And what will those dogs say? Will it be "I love it here me?"

When Little Abe was a pup, the vet said she had a heavy tail for her size and in the future there may be a case for Medical Docking . Shiver! Apart from the damage to various crockery, tumblers,spillages of beer and assorted paperwork, Abes tail remains a glorious wagging semaphore of her mood. Little Abe still chases her tail when her dinner is served (aka The Mungry Dance)

kAt0's tail is a Las Vegas plume of joyous exhilaration and occaisionally a tense warning of nervousness that doesn't show on her face. kAt0's tail is a diary of where she has been, with leaves, mud and foliage. When kAt0 spies a fit boy dog, her tail is lifted in a sassy (tho embaressing) display of tartyness. Java's tail is a relaxed wag of contentment, but also can be a sharp, machine like wag of fear and impending attack. When Java is cold she snuggles into a Winter Ball of Dog , with her tail accross her snooter - this means turn the heating up. 

"all the docked dogs i know"

I think this is the key to my belief in keeping the tails. All the docked dogs I have had chance to get to know - I see as just as expressive. Its just easier to guage a stranger dogs mood if they have tail.

I do get pissed off at Crufts type showing though, the dogs never going to have the joy of crashing through some undergrowth, just stand on a table and have their nuts fondled.

Some dogs enjoy it, some don't. My sister's GSP's get to do both, but theyre only shown if they enjoy it. Rosie, who was probably the best show dog she's bred so far, hated shows and so wasn't shown. I've been to crufts a lot, and 99% of the dogs there are very happy (there are always exceptions to the rule, but if a dog is obviously distressed, the owner is contacted and they are usualy disqualified by the vet)