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Our letter to Kerrang -

thanks to scarybex    for drawing our attention to this http://www.kerrangradio.co.uk//Article.asp?id=373935

Our human is definitely getting very middle aged - muttering about the youth of today - but given the above article - whi  can blame her!

Here at Canine Feminist HQ we do admit to enjoying a fast run after small stuff - but we are pretty confident we aren't going to be shot or dumped when we lose.  Running free and fast is exhilirating but then we aren't forced into the starting pens with lights and bangs all around us - not runnign for our life, running for fun. And if one dog drops behind, you know what? We doglets slow down and run back to the slower dog - you humans could learn so much from us.

 - heres our humans letter to Kerrang

You really surprise me with your promotion of Greyhound Racing - one of the
cruelest sports to still exist legally in this country.

Will your readers and listeners ask themselves what happens to the dogs who
can no longer race? Where do they go? Theres thousands of them each year
that *disappear* and it isn't to a warm fireplace and happy walk.

Do you think the ruthless betting world want to know when a greyhound breaks
his or her leg? Do they pay for expensive vetinary treatment when the dog
can no longer race?

Do you really believe all that shit about the dogs enjoying the race?

Do you think about what happens to the dogs between races?

Surely Kerrang would want to disassociate itself from this vile sport. It
saddens and dsiappoints me that you condone it.

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I really like their heading "Love The Dogs"...I suggest they do everything but....