kato age two

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The weekend like so rocked. I went on a like 45 miles running ting with my new Staff Association Hood - rest of da rambling hood reckon it was only 9 miles but on kAt0 Clock it was well more than that. I and I kept running from one human to the other to keep em all in da line.  That Java was dawdling along and telling me to behave meself and have some decorum.
She's just jealous cos I was off lead for nearly all the miles, and thats cos I is well hard, doing protectin and security innit, until four dogs appeared from the other direction and I kept close to hippy in case he wandered off. I slept for a whole TWO hours when I got back - Java's still asleep now...........

Anyway, humans have got flu, and secondary bronchitis, with big anti-biotic capsule treats that they don't fling around or bury, just swallow, grumble and lie in their baskets doing more grumbling, sweating and throwing soggy tissue treats on the floor, which I am collecting up for later consumption. Rather like the taste of sweat too, but humans just diss me innit. 

Humans are also fretting after finding a robins nest with five eggs in a hanging basket in  the out-house, apparently some well intentioned but clumsy hoodlum might find the fledglings and mash em with kindness. Dunno who that could be. Elaborate plans for excluding canines from out-house are being formulated. 




You need to practise your nurse kAtO stuff, Jazz reckon's it's well worth the effort, they go all soppy and that means treats.

Talk later