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Missing Lindsay, Boosh and Envy

Last weekend, Java and Kato went out on the Staff Association Walk and Little Abe got very upset. Its as if she can't a-paw being the only canine presence in the house. Yet Abe will often choose to chill out on her own in the spare bedroom.  When Kato is out on her daily walk, Java is behind a locked door, and Abe, although she knows Java is there, doesn't actually see her. Perhaps Abe worrys about being the only dog, its just too overwhelming, and for all her canny feisty terrier bravery, she likes to be able to call for Back Up when Posty needs repeling, passers by need two paws sticking up at them and the Christians next door need growling at when their praising gets out of paw.

Today, Little Abe had  

cathandtheskunkto look after her while Java and Kato went to visit The Elders and the Wierdy Bro up north.  Cathy reported that Abe was a little wimpery at first but soon settled after some treats, some fuss,a novelty sheep and the MIghty Boosh.  Abe had a lovely day - until That Bitch Kato in her Loud Bling Chav Halti got to walk Cathy home. Usually Abe walks Cathy home, but Kato just needed a bit of extra exercise after being on her best restrained (45 minutes Down Stay - ouch!) behaviour in the Elders House.  

And boy was Little Abe jealous, she squeaked and squuuueeeeekkkkkkeeeeed, and then she squeaked some more. Little Abe was distressed that Cathy was leaving - but it was trebled in upset, pitch and decibels by the Stinking Cow Bag Kato stealing her friend away.

Next time, Little Abe gets to walk  cathandtheskunkhome.


News from the Derby Two
We have been thinking of your family and your loss lots. I've only lost one cat (as opposed to moved away, stopped feeding them or generally fed up with running up bills and itching flea bites). Call me a soppy old hippy, I don't know why my weblog has uploaded my last post to Lindsay with today's date unless it was because you were in my mind. We do send her wuffs wherever she is. As one life ended, three new ones began, small balls of fur, teeth and claws with their eyes shut. No pics online yet but will pass on URL when done. And yes we have a bad case of feline insecurity and jealousy too as a result and (not yet up on the weblog) we have also had to resort to Keeping Pets Apart.

Sorry for the lack of more personal visits but you can get a good idea of what's keeping us busy at the moment at http://www.leverton.org/blosxom/ Older browser flavours are available if the index page doesn't render well. Needless to say some bits need to go on parental lock before we go public but I'm happy for it to go to all our friends (political comment included if I manage to make you irate enough too :))

Hugs in person to come later,
Comment boxes and other Programming likewise,
But kitten pics and vijo soon at http://www.leverton.org/blosxom/index.rss

Love and hugs to the Collective
The Derby Twelve
Re: News from the Derby Two
Sylke has newborn kitten pix here: http://www.sende.co.uk/blog/
Also with online jigsaws of kittens ! Very cute and addictive !

I will help her set you up as mutual friends if/when she gets around to putting any restrictions on and if/when I find a way to integrate our two blogs with LJ. It's just experimental for now. We both didn't like LJ's copyright terms but love all you people here :-)
Re: News from the Derby Two
Oh yes, Sylke's blog URL is hush-hush whilst still experimental. But I think she'd like to talk with someone "safe-feeling" and on the same general wavelength.
Re: News from the Derby Two
Except it's apparently still locked to our IP addresses anyway ! Will see how best to get these ADORABLY cute kitten pictures online.
Re: News from the Derby Two
Ok, Sylke's weblog now unlocked to as well.