Dear Santa

Humans pondering getting Java's thyroid tested as she sleeps all the time BUT humans are boring the fur off anyone who will listen (awake or not) about buying wrecked, creepy & spooky house. Wonder if the surveyor checks for ghosts, poltergeists and the like - we are so not accompanying the wussy humans to the Tee Word in the dead of night. Tho Lindsay will no doubt scare away any spooky presences with that psychotic demon dog impression of hers.
Hopefully Inukshuk this Friday will remind them theres more to life than some damp, delapidated house - theres novelty Xmas dog food to be purchased for starters, not to mention our presents. Abe as usual wants a bicycle, Java wants some death metal records and Lindsay wants world peace....such a hippys dog at times.
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Would be more than happy to see the humans and hear about Dilapadated Towers.
We are trying not to get to excited as its such a fragile thing..... so a beer then missus, Red Lion, next week? Though doglets would love to see you.....sunday afternoon?

If your at a loose end Friday - its Inukshuk - free with a food for homeless donation. Possibly our last munt of the year since Subway won't let us in without "nice jeans"!
If all goes to our cunning plan - would you like to accompany our humans to admire the Sold Sign on spookywreck, a week on sunday? Though lagers between now and then would be cool.
This weekend mainly doing technoey munty things - tho your very welcome to accompany. Its just a tin of beans & a pasta sauce packet to get into inukshuk.....