kato age two

Bark! Drink! Biscuits! Puppies!

Thanks for everyones kind words - we are missing the Old Dudess Looby more than we expected. It was certainly the Long Goodbye, theres a huge Over-Fluffed Collie Cross gap in our hearts.  She brought so much to our lives, brought me and hippy together. Our mutual interest in mad rescue dogs was the reason we were introduced and bothered to e-mail each other.The first time I woke in hippys house by myself, Lindsay was stood over me, I don't know how long she had been there, staring at me with an expression that just said "I think its time you and me had a chat"

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I just happened to come into the room and was looking at the pictures over Cathi's shoulder when she was reading this earlier so she got a big cuddle whether she wanted one or not. Lindsay was lovely and I know how sad Cath is after such a short time of knowing her; she must have left an enormous gap for you all. Thinking of you xx
Hugs, snoots and kisses.

Though Jazz says 'tha knows she'd lost it don't tha? I was mindin' me own business and t' old bat backed me inta corner and BARKED at me. T'weren't ma fault I hadna done owt' But she appeared to be rather moist of eye and we think she was putting a brave face on it.
Twas strange not seeing her yesterday. Big hugs to you all (and a raspberry on the head for that Abe).
Fabulous. I love the one with them all on the chair together.

Thinking of you...

Ree, Tiff, Sydneyboo and Pippy