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Lindsay Has Left the Building.............

Lindsay made a sharp decline in the preceding 24 hours and it was evident that this time there would be no recovery. Lindsay was put to sleep this morning and passed away peacefully in hippys arms. We'll compile her Best Bits at a later date though she was around pre-digital camera and we don't have a scanner for the snaps. Life has certainly been richer and dafter for having known her. The rest of the Canine Feminist Collective have been quiet, subdued. They know that Lindsay was carried out of the house and only her blanket&collar came back. 

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I'm so very sorry - I wish there was something to say that would be in any way comforting - but nobody will forget her.

I send my best wishes to you and am thinking of you all.
Really sorry to hear that, but glad she got to be a part of the Collective, at least the end of her life was great.
I'm sorry never to have had the chance to meet her, she looks and sounds like a great old dog.

Much warm wishes coming your ways.
We're sorry to hear your sad news. Hope you guys are OK. Sydney and Pippa send puppy hugs and licks to you and the Collective.

Lindsay the Trooper - remember her always.

Thanks for all your kind words.

We found Lindsay under a swing one Friday night in March 1992 and I decided to take her back, give her some food and water, take her to the police station the next day... job done.

First thing she did was wee all over my collection of (old, saved) university notes turning them yellow and smelly, all thrown out the next day. Thought better of the police station, hunted for owner, put up 'home wanted' posters at work etc. Within a couple of weeks, no one would have taken her from me.

She was quite difficult back then. Not house trained, epileptic, a bit wild and did the collie 'mad half hour' thing four times a day. She quickly settled down to be a fine dog, giving all the love a dog could give.

We will all miss her greatly.

So sorry to hear about Lindsay, but Im glad her passing was peaceful...if you need anything scanned I will be happy to help.

I'm stuck for words. One brave and patient dog, hope there are lots of bones and posties where she is now. Sending the Collective all our thoughts,

The Derby Two
I didn't get to see this post until now, as I've been away since Sunday. She was a wonderful dog - and a very lucky one. I'll miss her. I have a scanner, btw, and would be happy to scan pre-digital photos onto a CD.
I'm so sorry. She was wonderful, even when blindly biting my nose off.

Love to all in the collective.

i'm so sorry... i never got to meet her but i can see she'll be missed by many...