kato age two

Honesty - The Best Policy

The Telephone Call

our human: Hi Boss. Looks like the metro and the trains aren't running, so its going to take me ages to get there
Boss: No worries, you can work from home today. Just e-mail me some stuff OK.
our human: Errrr........well I was planning to just play in the snow with the dogs
Boss: I know, lets just say your working from home today
our human: But I won't do anything, I,ll ignore the phone, not even switch on my PC, just me, the dogs and a garden full of clean, fluffy snow
Boss: yeah, I know, haven't you got anything you did earlier that you can pretend  you did today...
our human: Maybe, but I really can't be fussed looking, we're going to build a snow dog with comedy hat, then we're going to play treat-in-a-snowball game and then we might roll Little Abe in a snowdrift and see how big we can get her to be............
Boss: OK - working from home it is then...........give me a call when the snow isn't fluffy anymore

Having sobered up I might put the ruggy bits behind a password or something .... it was a great night out though :) How are you fixed for a sober daytime visit some time ?