kato age two

SubZero Sweetness

Lindsay remains a coffin dodging, medical science defying, frail, ricketty old duck. But content, chilled out, propped up on steroids but not agitated or aggravated as she was. A very disabled doglet. But dogs don't do disability with the bitterness that humans do.  Zen Dog. When paws don't go the way she wants, she just accepts the new direction. When she is fallen, she just waits patiently for her strength to return or a human to assist her. And her appetite is immense - though she is still losing weight.

kAt0 continues to be kAt0-Pan - no sign of her growing up any time soon. Her eyes were like saucers this morning when she saw Mr Snow and Mr Icicle had come to play. Java was disgusted - there'll be letters!

The Abester and the Lolloppy Flip Flop are playing Artic Slippy in the garden -  

The Rulez
1. Hurtle round garden at eleventy billion miles till giddy.
2. Slam  brakes on and land snoot first in snowdrift.
3. Roll on Back.  Paws skywards. Leap Up, run indoors and shake excess snow off coat.
4. Repeat

will attempt filming tomorrow - of theres any snow left as doglets have eaten most of it