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Ooooh Young Man! Still Got it!

Lindsay went vetwards yesterday. Still a very frail old girl but back axle not giving out quite as much. Is often Fallen and needs to be put the right way up again. The vet nurses know Lindsay so well now,know that she struggles with the steps up into the vets, so they run to open the door so that hippy can concentrate on keeping Looby upright. This gives the impression of an old caberet star making a grand entrance - and Lindsay does play to her audience..... yesterdays waiting room was busy.....and the crumbly old dudess loved it.

Lindsay can get herself out for a pee and sometimes gets herself back in again. Looby has lost a lot of weight, is all fluff and sticky out bones. Down to 18.5 kg - she was once at least 23kg  (so much easier to carry her up and down the stairs now) This loss of weight makes her very prone to pressure sores as she does sleep a lot and we have to turn her over so she  doesn't get Basket Sores. But she is eating and drinking and flirting..........yep, FLIRTING. 

In the waiting room, Lindsay smelt the fine, damp, rubbery smell of young, warm, boy pup. Her nostrils flaring, filled with alluring, delicious scent of uncut boy doggy. Like a moth to the flame, LIndsay bimbled in a Zigga-Zag-Ah manner towards the (probably terrified) object of her desire.  But, back axle packed up, Looby slumped to the floor, with a feeble Greta Garbo-ish husky "Ooooooh......young (wheeze) man....if I were four years younger.........zzzzzzzz" and fell asleep in the middle of the waiting room.

Vet-NIck was very pleased/impressed with her coffindodging powers -  and Nurse kAt0 has confirmed (by her disinterest) that the dragons down Lindsays ear have gone. 

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