kato age two

Staff Association Walks Are So Like Rulez

kAt0 went on her first Staff Association walk today - did she disgrace herself?  Java wasn't overjoyed to see her fellow Canine Feminist Collective, half falling/half leaping out of the back of hippys car. Java barked loudly in indignation at how the membership standards had dropped and everyone turned to stare as she didn't usually bark.

"JaJa!" woofed an ecstatic kAt0

"Don't show me up" hissed Java, turning to Moss-Dog "I,ve never seen this dog before in my life, seems any chav-hoolligan can join up"

But kAt0 didn't hear, she was too busy being nervous and grumbling at all the people following her. 
"JaJa - shall I attack these people stalking us?"

But she soon settled down, but certainly better off-lead than on, her recall is good but being on a lead in wide open spaces, frustrates her. It was a brief six mile walk, though kAt0 did about 18 miles. hippy also did the walk without so much as a flicker.

Java's Country Club

Heres Java and her Wallace, he made that lead for her, it has various loops and pulleys.

Java just knew this was going to happen - kAt0 has Java's entire head in her mouth - which kinda spoils Java's sophisticated image - how embaressing

kAt0 - posing for the camera in her new Bling Halti - Java and Moss behind her - chatting about Important Grown-up dog stuff - the sound of one paw clapping, /global warming and the implications for extra basking / Baskets versus Sofa's / mathematical learning to the achievement of abstract philosophical truth and biscuits.

kAt0 didn't bother with no wussy stile - its only barbed wire for Dogs Sake - if you run full pelt, you get through

kAt0 flirting with Java's secondary g/f  - but no amount of PlayBowing could get Moss to play Slippy Dog.

Tempting........but kAt0 resisted but managed to come home completly caked in mud and is currently sulking as she had to be brushed