kato age two

Lindsay Update

Lindsay stopped drinking earlier in the week, but could manage small amounts food. Her swallowing reflex must be failing. By Wednesday she could barely stay upright - another trip to the vets, more steroids, being handfed, a slurry of dog food, to get some fluids in. Since Wednesday, there has been a gradual improvement. Quality of Life is such a difficult thing to measure. She doesn't seem at all bothered by her fraility, doesn't seem in pain, when she is fallen she just waits patiently until we pick her up again.

Whether its with the vet, or she just goes gently off to sleep - every day is a day borrowed.

Today she has walked herself shakily around the garden, has had a long drink,and is enjoying the peacefulness of just Little Abe for company, as Kato has gone to embaress Java at Javas Club.
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We may be sketchy when it comes to the going-out bit but I think of you, Hippy and Lindsay most days. Give her a stroke from us please ...