kato age two

Lindsay - suspected to be feline, due to many lives....

Lindsay hasn't exactly bounced back from her recent acute illness. But is doing OK. Went to the the vets yesterday, and as she hasn't had dreadful gastric failure on Nuclear Antibiotics - now has a further ten days course plus the eardrops. 

But dogness, she has lost some weight. Cuddling Lindsay, she is all sticky out bones and fluff. She is eating, not as much as before, but enough that we are not concerned.  Looby is comfortable, content and certainly not unhappy or in great pain. She seems to benefit from a little and often approach to meals - and she does like her tea to be at least at room temperature,not stone cold.

Lindsay has agreed to spend the first half of her daytime alone in the kitchen. (This is mainly to protect her from Nurse Kato,and her exploratory ear snooting/ and  eliminate the exhaustion and stress of overseeing posty-repelling manouvres) but by lunchtime, she seems to be getting lonely and wants to be with the other dogs. Apart from Katos nursing of her ear, the other three dogs seem to have a continued, dignified, respect for the wise matriarch, they will lie in basket with her but aren't rude nor try to challenge her authority.

Lindsay does lie in an awkward postion and needs her legs rearranging, pulling out from underneath the main bulk of the dog,  - for which she seems grateful in a Father Jack type way. "GEROFF.....NICE ONE.......ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz" 

But the Cranky old dudess won't sleep downstairs, even if the other dogs are there, she will bark until hippy carries her upstairs. And in the morning she has to be carried down again.  We have to lock the bedroom door at night, as she does forget her disabilitys and will shakily prepare herself for take-off down the stairs.

There have been some number 2 accidents, though surprisingly not number 1, we have mainly wooden or tile floors so its not really a problem. And anyway, after 16 years of loyal posty repelling, house guarding, companionship and comedy - a bit of bottom wiping is the least we can do.
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