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Our humans thoughts on WOW

This Wow thingy, I just don't get the appeal.

See, with me, I use PC games as escapism, my time away from "real people".

So the idea of having to interact with other people does not appeal to me in a playing-game-type way. It would be no longer be a game - it would be like work - having to turn up at a certain time, behave in a certain way and be a ......"team player". In real life I am pretty much a team player (I think) but when playing games to relax, I am only going to collect X number of Y, only if the Z rewards are FOR ME.

I would indeed be "hatty-no-guilds"

Seconded (I don't watch TV either)

I spend 8 hours a day sitting in front of a CRT (or LCD now) at work - why would I want to go home and do the same thing?

Well TV of late has been complete rubbish... Id rather watch a film or listen to digital radio...