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Yesterday, Little Abe walked her personal dogsitter  cathandtheskunk   home. Little Abe doesn't go off the territory so much due to her unvaccinated status so she really enjoys going to Cathys.  Its a short walk to a a dog friendly house - (give or take a rabbit)

But en-route, there and back, Abe managed to find some poo to sniff - why don't people clean up after their dogs? Theres a bin about every second lamp-post in Wolverhampton, not to mention umpteen wheely bins. Do we have to walk up the middle of the road to keep Abe safe? One poo would be a forgiveable forgotten poo bag (we've all been there) but  there was a poo every few yards. Grumble.

Anyway, Little Abe was less nervous this time and was quite enchanted&intrigued by the six year old who was Keeper of the Dog Chocs - and did obey his commands - Sit, Down, Stay, Listen to Smoke on the Water Riff.

It was good to see flooks  and have a quick coffee with rainbowskye  

Little Abe slept like a puppy when we got home - all that maths homework must have worn her out :-)

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