kato age two

Tales of an Intrepid Canine Explorer

Yesterday, Java "did" the Malvern Hills with her Staff Association. A fair few miles with many inclines. Even the most rambly of the staff association found this a bit of a challenge.   When hippy went to collect her from Wallace   Glyn, he stood up and said "ooooch me back" and Java in harmony stood up and said "Oooch me Back Left"  But one dose of Metacam and a BIg Sleep sorted that out (Java that is, not Glyn)

In the pub after the walk, Java was apparently just doing her Pub Dog thing, snoozing under the table when all of a sudden she went on High Bum-Fur-Up Red Alert. Everyone looked at Java - what could she have seen?

"Crikey, that tables alive!" barked Java "Mind your pints!" 

What Java saw was a table advancing towards her with punters hastily grabbing their pints off the moving table. Naturally Java barked, who wouldn't with a table advancing towards them. Java and Glyn finished their pints outside. Whether Java had noticed that under the table was a big German Shepherd.......we will never know.

Meanwhile, Kato was in Higher Bebbington and Chester installing Broadband, learning about brothers, gariboldi biscuits and stuff.