kato age two

Lindsay Update

Lindsay continues to improve although she remains a very frail doglet. Her tummy seems to have coped with the nuclear antibiotics, although she has had some urgency with number 2s and is having accidents in the house.  At 16 years old its commendable that she doesn't have piddle accidents.

LIndsay  is eating, but she has gone painfully thin, always a slim dog but her ribs and hips are sticking out. But you have to be cuddling the dog to notice - as she still has her big fluffy coat on.  However, she is well enough to scold the younger dogs for being boistrous and she still won't sleep downstairs. She woofs and she boofs and she grumbles until we carry her upstairs. She does have a bimble around the garden to check all is where it should be - but she does sleep a lot.
Yesterday, she had a relaxing day with    cathandtheskunk   who looked after her and Little Abe. This gave her a good rest from Nurse Kato who still wants to snoot her ear constantly.

I guess if she was human and in hospital she would be described as comfortable.