kato age two

Please Sign in Your Own Blood......

Mortgage application submitted. Full structural survey paid for. Building insurance couldn't compute - property being so old and "full of character" -(read trashed) that quote is coming by post. Thats probably so humans have nearby sofa to pass out on at astronomic cost
Life insurance forms - hippy and hatty exchanged coded glances at the how many alcohols/fags/biscuits/pies do you indulge in weekly questions.
Advised to consider updating wills to include new debt/\/\/\/\/investment - the Mortgage Fella looked bemused when our hatty, completly straight faced explained that she had discovered from previous will writing experience it was not legal to leave it to us doglets, but it has to be to a human, or a human managed institution to manage our estate on our behalf.
So no open top sports cars, Boy Dogs in G-strings serving us Beefy Oxtails with Choco Bonio garnish whilst we lounge on beds of black velvet, worn socks and Galaxy Bar wrappers for us then, should some mishap mishappen to our humans.
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