kato paw

kAt0 Bling Bling


boglinfor directing my humans to a more fashionable Halti - more fluffy fluoro sytrancer than Gangsta Woofer but I look well stush innit. I looked well retarded in that plain black nylon ting - now I looks well iced out. 

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I wish they made posh Canny Collars...Im going to have a look when I go to Crufts....
Rah! Kato joining the pink & blingy club..and looking more cheerful about it than the Jasper horse generally does! ;)
He's always got his name in bling on his head, but i have yet to photo him in full on UV pink waterproofs - it must be done soon! ;) ..i regularly steal his pink/purple reflective martingale strap covers to clip onto belts for clubbing, heh :)

Haven't heard a cough-splutter-gag out of him since he started the pills, seems to be eating a bit better too (although whether this was related, or purely a rebellion against his current dog tins i don't know!), & still thoroughly enjoying his drugged bits of ham ;)