kato age two

Life in the Old Dog............

Lindsay has made steady improvement since her steroid injection on Saturday morning. Lindsay saw Vet Nick (the Gay Austrailian) today, there is still a massive infection in her ear. So Looby is now on powerful oral antibiotics as well as nuclear eardrops. This is the last post of treatment for old Looby as there is no way we would subject the Old Dudess to surgical draining. The problem with these latest antibiotics, is that she may get a gastric upset - and in such an old dog this could be dangerous. Her chances of having a seizure/fit are increased as her epilepsy medication may not work. Lindsay does have a problem in settling down, and will circle around, trying to lie down but her back axle just won't bend to order - and we have to help her.

However, the old Dudess is content, bimbling about, eating a fair amount,  managing to get herself up and down the back doorstep to the Little Girls Room, even well enough to tell that kAt0 to "shut it" (tho not well enough to give the Young Scamp a clip round the ear - Little Abe has to do that), and to stand (though swaying) at the bottom of the stairs cursing us until we come down again,  muttering expletives randomly. Back to her usual Father Jack ways "Drink!" "Biscuits"  "Puppies"

Lindsay may be well enough to be left for a few hours, so cathandtheskunkif your not busy - it looks likely we might need your services on Saturday.  We need to see how Lindsay goes on one more day of these antibiotics - so will text you tomorrow.

She's quite bright today - thats not a terribly good disguise you have there btw.
Where did you get them from?

Do your dogs stick to their own beds or just dive on the first vacant one they find?
its always distressing to hear about animals being ill because they can't necessarily comprehend what the vet/drops/tablets are doing and what's going on which must be very frustrating...

i hope she copes well with the antibiotics - you cant give dogs probiotic supplements to calm the stomach, can you?