kato age two

Don't Panic - Still With Us

This morning started badly,  Lindsay was bluelighted to the vets as she was in a state of collapse, her right side wouldn't work at all. After about 20 minutes of her being unable to stand, or even sit up, and she seemed distressed, we rang the vet. 

We were ushered straight through to a consulting room, put her down on her purple quilt and sat on the floor. It wasn't our usual choice of vet, it was a young bloke called Ian. Ian has now gone onto our A-List of vets. He sat on the floor with us, and explained all the options and he stroked Lindsays head while he talked.  While he was explaining, Lindsay struggled up and started pottering about the room...........snooty, snooty, oooooh, young man........

We had a long discussion about Quality of Life. And how much frailty we can cope with. One steroid injection later and having been carried into the vets, we then had to loan a slip-lead as Lindsay walked, albeit slowly back to the car. In the car, she sat herself up to look out of the window. 

The treatments now may shorten her life - but are aimed to ease any pain she may have.  At this moment, she is pottering around the Doglets computer room, having a big slurpy drink of water and the occaisional Father Jack type bark when one of the youngsters wanders past. Which is pretty much normal behaviour for the Old Girl.
Lots of hugs from Sheff dogs and humans, humans will try and tak to you later.
Aw I'm sorry to hear that the Lindsay had a scary moment - I hope that she goes on to bully you other whippersnappers for a long time to come!