kato age two

kAT0 Diary - bling, fashion, boys - yer average teenager

humans have decided I am so like unruly ASBO dog.  Am having me daily walk on Halti head collar. Its OK, makes the human stop lagging behind on me walks, tho That Abe reckons I might have the maths wrong on that one. 

But Halti makes me look like I,ve been wearing spectacles when I take it off with a dint in me snoot. Not such a good thing when trying to chat up Boy Dogs. You try fluttering your lashes with a Halti on.

And Halti is also well 90s, like something Lindsay would wear, plain black nylon with dull metal fittings - humans looking for padded version hopefully reflective, fluoro band  with gold and diamante bling fittings. Least I don't have to wear a hair-net like the old Dudess.

Have now worked out my over zealous guarding of the territory wasn't winning me any biscuits. So Have decided to welcome all visitors to the house with playful, full-on, exhuberant and warm welcome. This not pleasing the humans either - apparently 80pounds of kAt0 bouncing in/on/around visitors is not acceptable either. Dog! Humans and their contradictory behaviours. I,m never going to understand them  - more complicated than house training.   

And there be dragons down Lindsays ear, I reckon if I could just get my snoot down one more centimetre I could extract said dragons - but humans keep barking at me to Leave It/Come Out of That. 

Anyway, Laters


Java and That Abe wear harnesses, still pull, but not as much, though Wallace says Java mellows after about the fourth mile. Walking the Old Dudess is like walking a helium ballon - you have to keep checking she hasn't just drifted off. Not well trained, just a pensioner.

hippy said he might try me again on a harness, though last time it made him lazy and dawdle, and I had to pull like a train.
I is going to look well presentin' it serious and sassy innit, in one of those