kato age two

Lindsay Update

Lindsay remains very poorly, but there are signs of improvement. Ear infection is still knocking her for six. Back Axle packs up frequently. It takes her ages to settle down and when she does, she lands with a bang and one of her back legs is trapped underneath her.

Gay Austrailian Vet has changed her eardrops - he is reluctant to give her the oral equivelent as its a severe medication that has side effects that could see an elderly frail dog off. If this change of drops doesn't work - there are other interventions - but they come with a lot of risk. No signs of any infection in other regions of the dog - which is a good sign.

Lindsay seems content, even with the indignity of the hairnet/head scarf she is wearing to deter the over enthusiastic Staff Nurse Kato from deep-snooting her ear. A polite clean would be OK - but Kato gets her snoot as far down as she can and leaves a saturated, warm ear that the bacteria have a right Knees Up in. Even Sister Abe has been taking an interest in Lindsays ear. 

Isolating Looby when we aren't around to protect her from the Canine Feminist Collective Nursing Team - and a sign of her fraility is that this doesn't bother her - usually she protests long & loud if she feels excluded. And she ate all her tea this evening (much to Java's disappointment who happily washes up Lindsays bowl) - and Linds has enjoyed a Beef Jerky Nightcap the last few evenings.

Re: Get Well Soon Lindsay!
Ooh you use Thornit, and presumably find it works? I have wondered about using it on Penny's ears as it really doesn't seem to matter how often they are cleaned, infection can flare up overnight :(
Thanks - she is currently having mega-antibiotic drops but when they finish it might be worth a try - even if it just soothes the itching. And her outer/inner ear is probably sore from kato's constant attention - though Kato is losing interest now after the constant "Leave It" commands.