all four

that one line from each month of 2006 meme thingy

though with cheating, chose only doglets topics and rummaged a bit...

The Ice Maiden - Tekk Your Lustful Paws off Me Sonny - Java has a boyfriend!

Last Time on CFC News........
........we reported the bombshell news that the Icey Java is courting

Whats all this Snowing? We'll have no icey paws here"
Snow Is Da Cooooolleeeeezzzzz Innit!

Java and Kato go to the Seaside

Today Kato officially left behind puppyness and became a young adult.

What the bark is in this stuff? Java is now playing Indoor Slippy with Kato, and giving the Arrogant Half-Rott Bass a sound thrashing!

Cooo-Eeee Doglets! Guess whose here for t'weekend?

Kato is in disgrace - banished to the naughty step.

So its not bieng a small, slightly overloved black tan JRT crosses that turns her into a murderous, throat ripping psychopath then

In "Laugh? we nearly mewed" type news, humans have installed an exercise bike into Collective HQ. Talk about shutting the kennel door after the dog has shat in your handbag.....

The Dog Who Mistook Her Owner for a Wheely Bin

Will she behave herself? Will Kato grizzle when she realises she has to be a very grown-up dog and sleep in the kitchen?
Re: Happy New Year
And to you too, perhaps we might even get to meet up this year!