kato age two

The Doglets Xmas

Java went away for her Xmas and had proper turkey dinner at Wallaces Glyns mothers, she also spent many hours walking from Real Ale pub to another and went on various Steam Trains.

Xmas Eve, Abe and Sheffdog Penny - visited rainbowskye and cathandtheskunk and her little brothers, pretty much Abes first encounter with small energetic, inquisitive children - Abe did really well - but appreciated being able to hide behind cathandtheskunk

Rabbits eaten: nil
Smoke on the Water riffs played by six year olds: seven
Orange Pumpkin toys received: one (and still not dequeaked so is obviously very precious)
Biscuits stolen from Lindsay: two
German Shepherds*(1) Slept On: One
Biscuits resembling Dog Poo (courtesy of sheff_dogs ) eaten: Five
Bacon Flavour Bubbles Consumed: nil - the doglets were not terribly impressed with Kato's bubble toy from Pets At Home
Spaniels snickered at for post shower apparell: one
Embaressments of Empty Bottles: many - we need our own bottle bank

*(1) as in German Shepherd Dogs - not anyone called Klaus or Adolf who tends a flock of sheepy-baas

Abe with her beloved orange pumpkin - "Smine! Snot Sharin!"

Not called Klaus or Adolf, and probably rubbish at rounding up sheepy baas, The Right Royal Queen of Sheffdog, Jazz

A biscuit what looks like poo in each dogs initial

Penny Sheffdog after her shower.............embaressing?

But not as embaressing as this..........even Lindsay who wasn't feeling very well had a snicker.......

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Glad Abe liked the pumpkin :) Perhaps next time she could come round when Davy's out at Beavers or something for it to be a bit less anarchic!

I am looking forward to the guitar teacher moving onto something different next year; I'm getting a bit fed up of Smoke on the Water and the White Stripes.. :)
Awww, don't send him to ahem, beavers, snicker....

Well, I can do one line from New Dawn Fades if thats any use?

Abe liked Davy, he reminded her of herself back in the day. Its good for the doglets to experience small beings.