kato age two

Bark Up a Bit, I Can't Hear You!

Been a bit quiet here at Canine Feminist Collective HQ - not that we didn't have a good Xmas - but Lindsay gave us a bit of a scare. Put two paws, maybe even three, firmly in the coffin. We should have guessed really - as Nurse Kato kept tending Lindsays right ear. Visit to the Gay Austrailian vet today, who said Awww - Poor Old Girl a lot and on inspection discovered that old Looby has a nasty infected ear. Hence the wobbling off to the right, walking into stuff (more than usual and without its usual comedy effect).

LIndsay had an excellent time in the vets - she really likes Nick, her vet.

We even e-mailed close friends to alert them to the crisis - but tonight Lindsays barking pointlessly and bimbling about. Every day is indeed precious with the Grumpy Old Looby
Aww poor Lindsay :/ So glad she is feeling a bit better. You must have been terrified. Have told Cath (she is without internet connection on her laptop at the mo and has in good Cath tradition lost her phone temporarily, so if you have emailed or texted her she didn't get it) and she asked if she could pop round and visit sometime - I lent her my phone so she's left a message on your answerphone. Cuddles to Lindsay and all the doglets from us xx