kato age two

Lindisfarne Holiday part three

It was the dead of night, Kato and Java were going for their last wee of the night. The wee spot under the big tree, opposite the empty field. It was pitch dark and without our fellow holidaymakers back in the house, it seemed darker, quieter……..desolate……..spooky. 



Kato and Java duly sniffed and peed. Then Kato began to growl. Like really growl. Her bum fur went up. Java’s ears pricked up. And she too began to growl. Low rumbling growls.


“Shut it” snapped our humans “Mekkin us nervous”

But our keen doglet predator interest was elsewhere, we were focussed, there was evil, there be Dragons. Lindisfarne is reputed to be haunted and we canines are reputed to have a sixth, maybe a seventh sense.


“Whatever it is” shivered our human “Its over in that field.”

“Theres nothing in there” quivered hippy  “Its just an empty field”


kAt0 was like, so like, growling, almost like a snarl and Java was making the most sinister hissing growl, like nothing of this world. Our humans were quaking in their plimsolls. Their mouths dry, wishing that their fellow holidaymakers had also stayed the extra night. Dry Gulps were being gulped.

During our holiday we had peed several times at this very tree opposite the Empty Field. But we doglets were now on major attack mode, a defensive-offensive. Kato was straining at her lead (to the house not the dragons!), Java was shifting from Paw-to-Paw. All bum fur was now up - inlcuding our humans. 

"Don’t mess with us! Lindisfarne Spookys.  We Am the Black Country Massive and we is well hard" we hissed
"That was Java said that" croaked Kato feebly.

 “What can it be” trembled our humans “this fields been empty every time we have passed it”

And just like in Scooby Doo and every horror movie you ever saw, instead of running away, our humans walked towards the Field of Evil.
Flicking on the torch………………and.just a few (maybe five or six) feet away, several sheep blinked in the glare. We all gasped in surprise and we brave doglets did it in our pants led our humans quickly back to the safety of our holiday cottage.




It was a silent order of sheep - took us all by surprise when the torchlight went on. kato has never seen sheep before at such proximity so was pretty shocked :-)
Umfortunatly Barnum knows sheep are big scardey cats and cant resist a bouncing woof to get them running
I thought it was going to be cow beasties!

The Emo Dogsitting Company of One is determined to be well for Sunday btw so fret not!

I read that as the EMU dogsitting company of one......Cathy can bring friends if she likes. I will text/phone her to synchronise watches and plans.