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Just back from holiday in Lindisfarne with the best group of people ever to give Kato her confidence back in the human race. And Kato didn’t keep the whole house up by grizzling at being in a strange place and expected to sleep away from the humans. She wimpered a little on the first night but by the second night she just settled into her basket and slept like a puppy. Kato did consume half of a birds skull that was sat ornimently on the windowsill cybermule found a very similar skull to replace it with – but we decided to leave the original half behind. Came off in me paw guv.

Our biggest wet-nosed thanks to boglin who organised, persuaded and reassured us that the doglets would have a brilliant time - which they did..........

Biggest thanks to lupercal with his delicious vegan catering – a scrumptious lasagne with salads and vegan buttery spuds on Friday, a selection of Chinese dishes, duck, beefy thingy, rice, spring rolls, dip, salads on Saturday. In another life, lupercal would be doing the festivals with food tent and saving hippys&psy trancers from soggy cous cous with kidney beans that is the usual standard vegan festy catering.

Katos had a rum deal from humans recently – being screamed at, stared at, people go hysterical just by her being in the same room/park/county and people getting right in her face demanding she must like them because they know dogs. Her rotty/gsd genes going on complete angsty red alert and the poor sweetness trying to make sense of it all. And fear comes out as a big grumbly rumble…….

Can’t thank nyarbaggytep and R cybermule boglin and lupercal enough for being so relaxed with Kato and not demanding she like them. Kato adores them all - and boglin is her wife now. Nor was anyone afraid of her and run off screaming, quoting the Dangerous Dogs Act as they fled. Calm indifference with a bit of biscuit does wonders for any dogs confidence. Kato was so relaxed she chose to lie under the dining table by everyones feet and went for a walk happily without her regular humans. This really helped us relax and by Sunday we were so chilled out, we were really sorry when everyone else but us had to go home. Kato and Java were exhausted and exhilirated from having good company, the freedom to run and the constant walks with things to sniff and friendly people to get a ruffle from.

And nyarbaggytep did explain to us why Kato can be mates with someone and then its as if she has completely forgotten them, when they leave, even briefly and she will react as if they are a completely new and unknown person – its Object Permanence (she explains it far better than we can). Kato’s early weeks were spent in a very busy rescue where the residents constantly change, within hours even – unlike a regular pup, who will know her own litter and a handful of humans, Kato’s life was constantly changing, as cats, dogs, horses, litters, people passed through the rescue. Phew, and there was us thinking she was just plain ole crackers.

Kato’s lead walking does need some extra work so we are going to look for a new class – and to improve her response to other dogs. She does just want to play but it comes across as aggressive. Though much of her teenage messin abaht seemed to relate to Java being there – at home, on her usual walk with hippy she is (mostly) an angel, even off-lead.

Java also had a brilliant holiday – though forgot her recall completely on the beach and boglin had to go tearing after her and apologise profusely to the owner of a passing Greyhound (just a pet scarybex before you go tearing up to Lindisfarne to save yet another grey). It was Java’s first off lead with out the trainer lead on - so maybe we were a bit premature. Don’t think Java was being aggressive to the grey – more an “Oy Do you want a game of Slippy?!”

There was just one incident outside the gift shop of “When Spaniels Attack” – the residents of Lindisfarne don’t put leashes on their dogs, its such a wee place that all the dogs probably know each other, see each other regularly and grow up together. Two Black Country canine lasses swaggering about on leads just set them off. “Geroff our Island with your Weird Pagan Collars and Devil Worshipper Leads from Internet Pet Shops” they yapped

“Bark Off – Yam Pedigree Chav Spaniels and Yow Smell. Innit!” Kato and Java woofed back.

But Kato and Java were all Bark and no trousers, and soon controlled by boglin and lupercal

So, holidays are us and we can't wait to go again!
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When Spaniels Attack could be another Channel 5 show. I'm liking the doglets response.

I had some more thoughts on the object constancy thing. I don't know whether it would help, or not, but you could try giving Kato one thing (a toy of some sort is good) that she can always have with her, or always have in the same place. Particularly when she goes to sleep, so that it's there when she wakes up. It might help her develop that sense of permanence.

Doglets are lovely, and were a pleasure to be on hols with.
We were thinking about what you said - and the fact that in Kato's world - Kato never see's Abe and Java in the same room or space ever,due to Abe&Java's agression issues with each other,this probably doesn't help.

Yes, we will try giving her a special toy, just need to find one that the other doglets won't steal away from her. She usually sleeps under our bed - we will try her with a de-squeaked fluffy mallard or something. Java and Lindsay aren't that fussed over toys but Little Abe will steal anything that she perceives as high value.

Doglets want to be on holiday again - now - walking the dull, concreted streets of wolverhampton just isn't the same as running free on a beach.