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We're All Going on A Winter Holiday........

Kato and Java are going on a big adventure later this week. Going on holiday withboglinandlupercal and some friends to Lindisfarne. Our humans haven't been on holiday for years and are pretty nervous about it. The Jetsetter Java will be very casual about it - going on many mini-holidays with her Personal Dogsitter. Anyway, this holiday, its a first for Kato. Will she behave herself? Will Kato grizzle when she realises she has to be a very grown-up dog and sleep in the kitchen? Will the Feminists be sent home in disgrace? Hopefully the fresh air and the excitement will knock out the nervous Sweetness and peaceful nights rest will be had by all.

Abe and an increasingly frail Lindsay will be looked after by sheff_dogsaka Sheffdogs. And on the 17th cathandtheskunkis going to be looking after Abe and Lindsay while Kato & Java do the Xmas elf delivering of presents up north.

So, with great confidence we have booked two more short holidays via http://www.landmarktrust.org.uk/ in spring and summer of 2007. Thanks to Sheffdogs for pointing us in the direction of these dog friendly and unusual holiday homes. Heh! Tho if Lindisfarne doesn't go well then there may be two holidays up for grabs

But we're hopefully staying here.............

Beamsley Hospital near Skipton in May. The LJ user formerly known as as balsalheathan is our accomplice for this trip.

And here, at Aldeburgh in Suffolk. There is room for two more accomplices - though check out the accomodation specs before you put your paws up. This martello tower is at threat ofbeing washed away in time - so best to go soon.

My Landmark catalogue is still some of my favourite bogtime reading. Well worth the (refundable) tenner or so for the big paper copy.

I want to go and stay in the Victorian battery on the Pembroke coast.
Did pembroke sleep 13 (humans) - so thats at least four of us then! And bagsee Kato and Java the "two well behaved dogs" spaces though I reckon a property like that we may be able to convince them that four dogs who get on with each other are OK - (thinking of sheffdogs here not Little Abe and crumbly Lindsay)
Can't remember how many it slept, but I think we can assume you have ownership of the dog spaces. If they allow a couple of dogs, I don't see why they can't be flexible, but I always seem to expect too much in that area.

Could possibly rustle up a few more humans, too.
It'll be fab - might be lookng for a night or so dogsitting for Little Abe and Lindsay.

Does sweetest smile :-)
Well, shifts probably don't matter so much as during the day Little Abes and Loobys new Personal Dogsitter (rainbowskyes daughter) may be available, so it is just the overnight bit.

And we have proper bathroom and proper floors and everything now!
Well, only problem is potentially getting to work the next day, although there are several girls at work who will happily switch from a late to an early so as long as I have time to organise it with the right senior person then it should be fine :o)
I wonder if they would be negotiable about the number of dogs especiallyin the more rough ones like the martello tower.

bhigman suggested that if we went somewhere, to find somewhere with two seperate dwellings. They have a hamlet in Coombe -
The Feminists sent home in disgrace? Never!

When are you heading to Suffolk?
You may feel a little differently after Kato has done the shy grumbly thing/and kept us awake all night! Our plan is arm everyone with treats, to just offer her without looking at her, though I suspect once she sees Java getting tons of fuss, she'll forget to be shy. Gosh, I make her sound a right dork - she isn't, she's lovely.

6 of august for 4 nights - why don't you two come along for a couple of nights - we may not even stay for the 4th night its going to depend on dogsitting arrangements for Little Abe - but it cost the same for 4 nights as 3.
Crikey - hasty edit - that last sentence should read "dogsitting arrangements for Little Abe and LINDSAY!"

Tho the old girl isn't at her best at the moment - but we've been saying that about the old coffindodger for months now!
It's summer hols then, so we'd love to come along. Talk to you about it at the weekend?
I didn;t even know what a Martello Tower was until goggling some images and discovered there were lots.

We're going to sit on the top with a picnic.
There's loads around the coast that haven't sunk or collapsed yet; a ruinous folly at the time but really cool now :D

I wonder how much one would cost to buy... then you could picnic on top every day!

Nathan, the Toxic Pixie
Oooooh Beamsley Hospital I want to go there, need to bother dogless friends into it, the two dogs thing is a pain; not so sure about the martello tower, though being right on the beach could be good.

See you Friday
Yeah, balsalheathen was really taken with Beamsley, Plas Uchaf and the House of Correction.

We were going to talk to you about Coombe and another one I spotted with two dwellings available.

Hope we will see you Friday but I think hippy wants a failry prompt start so we may not overlap. Do you know what time you are landing?