kato age two

All Because the Doglets Love Beef Jerky

Lindsay: What’s that you’re eating Little Abe?
Java: Beef Jerky
Lindsay: Beef?…..Jerky?…….Beef and Jerky?……..Beef Jerky?!
Java: It’s a taste sensation Lindsay!
Human readers – read this to yourselves in the Voice that the Marks&Spencers food adverts are done in - 
Sun Dried incontinent old lady, served with an acrid sauce of oozing, infected fester. A gangrene soaked cadaver, left to simmer in maggots, warm pus and brine. Washed down with cool, stale, mucousy bile.
How do you feel now?
That pretty much describes the emotions that accompany serving the dogs their latest treat from Pets At Home. If marketing these things to dogs - how would the campaign run

'Lipsmackinfoulinfectiontastinstomachchurningvomitinducingbilliousinvokinggutcurdlingsickretching....Beef jerky!

Only the foulest,vile revolting tripeness, taste like Dog Treats never tasted before........

Probably the best Dog Bribe treat in the World.

The totally tripe-ical taste........

Even Little Abe will do a perfect Down Stay with somersault to finish when Its Jerky Time!

Beef Jerky – Because Pets At Home staff like a good snigger occasionally.

It really is the sort of stuff that one pops inside a disliked collagues computer and waits for it to go all warm and pungent......not that I would ever do such a thing.......