kato dirty paw

Deeper Than It Looks.......

This pool looked really shallow and Kato was just having a splishy sploshy

Didn't get a picture of Kato completly disappearing but heres Kato a couple of minutes later

Dogs seem to have an ability to find such holes. Old Rosa was exactly the same :)

And she looked so forlorn and betrayed everytime, as if we'd deliberately pulled the land out from under her!

Nathan, the Toxic Pixie
"as if we'd deliberately pulled the land out from under her!"


Kato quite likes being wet and splishy splashy, but this did take her by surprise. Straight back in though, to see if it really was that deep and wet!
She loved it though. I think we humans were more stunned when she dissappeared below the water
That remindes me of my Nans dog, since passed away. On a very still day she ran out onto the lake, then realised it wasn't as solid as it looked.
Lovely to see them having fun!

I have a lovely set of three photos of Pharaoh hurtling towards me through a shallow pool with the last where she hits a deep spot in it - I will have to look them out.