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Saturday was Java's Gotcha Day - as we don't know her exact birthday, its the anniversary of the day she was rescued and installed into the Canine Feminist Collective. Six years since we stormed the Birmingham Dogs Home and liberated the monchrome, big hootered bag of sticks. Company for Little Abe after the loss of Wise Old Hatty - (though it hasn't quite worked out that way).

Thanks tocathandtheskunklooking after Little Abe and Lindsay, (Little Abe is now a biggggggggg My Chemical Romance fan and has been humming Welcome to My Black Parade all week). While Java and Kato braved the icey winds of Wales, Little Abe and Lindsay relaxed in the warm with their new Personal Dogsitter. 
The LJ person formerly known as balsalheathan accompanied us. It was a bit barking parky on Rhyl and Prestatyn beaches. But Java really, really enjoyed her offlead run (and she can RUN!)  Java and Kato played footy, fetch and SlippySplishySplashy

Heres Java looking radiant and happy. Still kept a 30 foot trainer lead on though. Still nervous that Gotcha Day could turn into Lost-Ya Day. But Java was great and we will do it again soon hopefully.

Perfect and Total Recall

Chasing balsal_heathan

OY PawBall

If I find the perfect beach I will let you know. Going to explore Talacre area soon. My Mum reckons there are hardly used beaches (rougher sand) near there. The good thing at beach we find for Java is having such set boundaries - sea and sea wall. I wouldn't dare let her off in the park or an open field - I suspect she is part sighthound as the mere sniff or glimpse of a possible prey and she is off, completly focussed on her quarry.

Maybe we should go together, let Kato clear the area of terriers - she's too clumsy/slow/daft to catch one. There were four off-lead small scotty terrier thingys on the first beach - but they soon ran off when Kato lumoxxed past.

Java has hopeless recall - but with the trainer lead on and pocketfuls of high value treats, and enough people, it went OK.
Of course! How lucky you are. I grew up in North Wales (Shotton/Halkyn/Ewloe) but was too young to appreciate where I was. Shotton was/is a skanky town but so close to the seaside.

The beaches have really been cleaned up in recent years and are great for running the dogs on. Even Rhyl.

Bit of a trek from Wolverhampton but my parents live in Chester now - so we can go when we visit them.