kato age two

Abe is.......SuperHero

Humans: Have you finished your din-dins Sweetness. Time for PiddleDiddle.
Kato: Not going.
Humans: Come on Sweetness - out for your Little GIrls Room (giving Kato a gentle shove)
Kato: Grrrrr. So Not Like so not Going.  (digs paws in)
Humans: Awww - babykins - theres no nasty kerbooms now - we'll come with you, hold your paw, be brave Kato.
Kato: Pfft (slinks under table)
Humans: Look, bacon flavour snacky Biccys - but only in the garden, come on Sweetnees, theres a love. Outside?Toilet?
Kato: La, La, La, I can't hear you...........

Humans: Oh No - What can we do? Kato has developed an irrational fear of going to the Little Girls Room in the dark? Who can help us now? Kato's housetraining is doomed............. But whats that in the distance? Is it a Behaviourist? Is it a Clicker Trainer?...............No, its SuperAbe

Little Abe: Sheesh! Get that door open Humans. I,m dying for a Wazz.  I,m crossing all four of me legs here!  Come On Krappo! Race you to Top of the Garden!

Kato bounds after Little Abe.

Humans (with tears in their eyes): Thankyou SuperAbe - you saved the day
We had the dreaded combination of dark and rain last night...so Meena would not go ...she just sat on the back step ...she wouldnt even move for Joe....so she held it all night....and went out this morning....in the dark and the rain!!...dogs!
It does make you wonder about their bladder size doesn't it? Penny has been doing the same AND she'll hold in shit too, don't know how, but if it isn't nice she hangs on and hangs on and hangs on.

And she always prefers going on walks, so if we do a long walk after a nasty day or two she produces so much shit you wonder how it is physically possible for it all to have been in one medium sized dog. I swear there are times she produces twice as much as Jazz who is twice her size.

Jazz says 'Well done that Abe, you're alreet for a little'un'
Barnum pees like a race horse....gallons of the stuff.....but he never seems to be desperate to go out....its just when he is out he sort of thinks oh yeah I will have a wee while Im out here...
Lindsay is the Mistress of Housetrainedness - but in her twilight years is having the odd mishap.
We only get minor pet toilet problems- and that is just we have rabbit droppings all over the downstairs toilet 'cos I forget to pick them up after Bounce has gone to bed...
Lindsay had a bit of a mishap this morning - and managed to pad it round on one (of only two carpets in this house). Ewwwww!

The spare bedroom still wears the scars from Kato's puppy/toddler phase.