A Bad Week For Kato

Oh dear, since last weekends relentless onslaught of  fireworks, Kato has become very afraid of going outside after her tea. Hope this doesn't end up being a fear of the dark. Its pitiful, she hides under the table or runs upstairs. Recall, Shmeecall. Even extra treats couldn't convince her that being outside in the dark is an OK place to be - and just when we got her wagging and woofling outside, munching on some Chappy Complete - a barking firework went off!  

And on Thursday, she had one of those bad human interaction experiences - with a screaming, waving person trying to stare her out  "Scwwweaaammmmm  Will it BIte me......Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk..............Shall I stroke it.........Scwwwwweeeaaamm" 

To which Kato responded with "Argh, hysterical person! I,m Afeared" which comes out as "Grrrrrrrr Grumble Rarrrrrr ferociousness"

And she looks bigger, not in a Too Many Pies Way, but filling out in a strong rotty-bum type way. At this rate, we won't be able to pass her off as a GSD/collie cross. Mostly we answer the "Is that one of them Rottweilers?" question with "What? With that sleek body - she's just a mutt"
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Poor Kato!

HEllo from Linds and Abes PD, still going 'Linds! Fluffley! Abe! Bouncy!' And squeaking along to MCR, who will invade your stereos on Saturday, unfortunatly for the waily-waily churchey peoples next dorr to you I shal be singing loudly to Teenagers which is rude.... But will try to stick to not rude things, promise!

Luv to doglets!

Jazz says 'there now lass calm yersen down, remember you only bark at the b*ggers that try and invade the garden'
When we got Meena she was terrified of the dark and wouldnt go out side....we put up a security light which has helped a with between the Thunder Storm CD and the security light....and retraining our selves to remain calm and un phased by the fire works she is pretty good now.....