kato age two

Kato Still Puppy Shocker! & Other Dog News

Since turning the grand old age of two and becoming officially the Top Bitch in Da Pack Innit, we did expect a certain maturity from Kato. But it wasn't really forthcoming, we felt a bit embaressed really. Although inteligent, she has a daftness about her, still flip flops round the house, stubbing her snooter on doors and walls, and cocking her head quizzically at Dog Borstal on BBC3. 

A friends new bloke, who knows about dogs, visited t'other week and remarked casually that bigger dogs don't really mature until they three years old, especially non-working dogs.  His exact words might have been "Ahhh, Two? Still a bonkers puppy then. Don't really mature till they're three"  Kato was doing her "Stroke me, stroke me, stroke me..........ooooooh scared of you now" running away and being shy routine, at the time.

In other news - Little Abes got her own Personal Dogsitter, so its not just That Java that has the finer things in life. New Personal Dogsitter passed interview with flying colours - especially by giving Lindsay DragonBreath a big long cuddle on the floor.  And Little Abe has permission to get her entire toy box out when her PD visits to play Lost Treat Game. Theres something very amusing about squeaky dinosaurs and lobsters being hurled around as Little Abe tries to seek out the treat.

Java's spending every other weekend with her Personal Dogsitter, rambling and pubbing. A far more exciting social life than the rest of the collective.  

Lindsay continues to enjoy her senility - she can't get up or down the stairs now without either human or gravitys help. Back axle packs up unexpectedly but she just half laughs/half grumbles. Can't find the back door for love nor biscuits, ends up standing patiently staring at the pear tree waiting for it to open or stood loyally by the wheely bin waiting for a command. Not that Lindsay ever did commands or any of that obediancy nonsense. The Dog Who Mistook Her Owner for a Wheely Bin.

ha three...three... Id be pleased with three....german pointers dont mature until the are six!!!!...Barnum is now five and like a giant pup....