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To the retards last night whose fireworks scared my dog so much, she is now afraid of going into the garden in the dark, I hope you boil in your own fat.  I hope all your fears ten fold, follow you for the rest of your life.

I have never heard such a racket in my life. Last night Kato shot back indoors, and kept standing on the doorstep, then backing away inside. After her tea this evening, her routine is always to merrily zoom outside for a wee. Kato was too afraid and ran upstairs to hide, in case we insisted. Eventually she went outside with Abe but she had trouble going, too afraid to pee in case she needed to run from the monsters, and this distresses her even more. Kato really doesn't want to do it in the house and will wimper if she's challenged in the crossy-legs skill. But she was too spooked to wimper

Can someone explain to me why mimicing a war zone but with pretty colours is entertainment? And each year it gets worse. Louder, longer, with screeching sounds and atomic bangs.

Java gets upset but can be distracted with a Pets-At-Home Beef Knuckle. Abe's terror has lessened over the years but she was frightened and shivery at the loudest whizzing and banging. A cuddle usually sorts it for Abe, once we can calm her enough to keep still. Lindsay just doesn't notice any more (!) But poor Kato was too afraid to bark or to wimper, and just silently quaked. She might have wet herself, we don't tell them off for any mishaps, but nevertheless, Kato will be distraught if she has.
We have had geat success with the "Thunderstorm" CD from the Natural World shop in the Pavillions in Brum....I have been playing it more or less every night when the dogs go to bed since last Novemebr and there is a marked difference.....Meena was still a bit freaked and had to be urged to go out, but did go and has been much better in the house.... the fireworks CD didnt work at all....
Going to have to try this with Kato - she has certainly developed a fear - reluctant to go outside for her post-tea wee.

Wonder if its available on-line.
Kato is going to need something - its a week later and she is still spooked. It really was loud and unrelenting here. There was a particularly loud succession of bangs just as she adpoted the position for a wee - and she shot inside.
Blade was fine, which was nice. Some of the ones round here were pretty loud, but they didn't go on past 11 and were only really in full force on Saturday/Sunday. We'd bought him some chews just in case.

As stated earlier, desensitisation can be useful if you give them enough time to get used to it, although I wonder if a CD can really recreate the shockwaves. The DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheremones) diffusers are another possibility. As is people being sensible with pyrotechnics, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
We did try DAP diffuser to try and sooth the Java/Abe Jihad - but yes, might get another. Kato has it really bad and is still spooked a week later.

How is the handsome Blade?
Its still going on here, but only sporadically, unfortunately, just as we convinced Kato to go Outside for her post-tea-wee another load went off, and she ran inside obviously un-nerved and very frightened. Its very sad to see - its her third bonfire night experience - and has completly upset her. But the fireworks are so damn loud and endless. Gets worse every year. Grrrrr.