kato age two

In Dog News

Java spent last weekend rambling,going to the pub, smoozing with her social network and having tummy rubs&back scratches from her Personal Dogsitter. Today we discovered that she actually has her own bedroom, Glyn makes her bed up in the doorway of his spareroom,  but from 7am, after a few failed attempts at waking Glyn up, Java sleeps on the end of his bed. Meanwhile back at Canine Feminist Collective HQ, Sheffdogs had arrived to assist with Skip Filling, Beer Drinking and other household chores. 

This weekend,  mostly the doglets have been OK with the Diwali fireworks but Abe did burst into frightened puppy tears when she went out to the Little Girls Room, came scuttling back in and attached herself to a human ankle, needing some full ear rubs to reassure her that we're not "all doomed".  Even that Hard Nut Kato did it in her pants when there were some particularly loud bangs lighting up the sky.  Lindsay, being as deaf/mad as a biscuit, just doesn't hear them. Java was too exhausted after a very muddy 7 mile walk with her Personal Dogsitter to even notice. Todays walk included meeting lots of children, Glyn said she really loves children and enjoys all the attention. But we hate this time of year - its going to be endless fireworks for a month, and it wears the doglets down to trembling wrecks.

And woofing of personal dogsitters, tomorrow Little Abe and the Old Dudess Lindsay meet their New Personal DogSitter.  Both love people. especially young female people, but theres a special selection of choco treats lined up for tomorrow, so their love will be extra huge, and soppy and very licky. Little Abe will no doubt do some over excited bouncing.

Finally, we have new sofa's here at Canine Feminist Collective HQ - at last, comfy sitting on things - but whatever DFS SofaShop stainguard them with, its absolutely, woofing, delicious. All four of us have been obsessively sofa-licking. New sofa's didn't make it through 24 hours before having to have Throws on. hippy licked a sofa to see what all the bark was about but just squeaked "Ewwww"   

New Personal DogSitter is very excited about said meeting. (She is currently watching Kerrang! and eating chocolate swiss roll in her pyjamas, will text you when the boys have gone to their party and we will come over!)