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Lindsay was sick last night, undigested food, about three hours after her dinner. Its always a worry when Lindsay is sick as she is on epilepsy meds. She is also having some difficulties holding in the poo, first thing in the morning. Luckily she has always been of  the dry compact stool variety not huge splatty ones like that kAt0. (Hope no one was eating as they read this)

This morning, LIndsay fell down the stairs, not the usual slip down the last three steps, about half the staircase with a terrifc bang on every step, landing on her back at the bottom.  LIndsay seemed stunned, declined the delicious treats that were on offer, just wanted to be by herself. But at 7pm she ate a full supper and seems OK. She has had a full dose of metacam as we wondered if she has toothache. 

LIndsay has adapted to being carried upstairs but gets very upset at being carried or assisted down. And she doesn't like being downstairs when everyone else is upstairs and will bark until we fetch her.



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Was going to see rainbowsky first and then you, as you mentioned being at an all-nighter? Would probably be arriving in Wolves some point between 1 and 2, and then doing visiting.
Big hugs from us too for Lindsay. It must have been pretty shocking for you as well, I'd have a swig of the Metacalm yourselves :)