kato age two

Foxy Boxing

Of possible extra interest to  goffburd

Over the last few months there have been some mysterys here at Canine Feminist Collective HQ:

1.Kato finding lots of corpses - birds, pigeons, mice.
2.Our toys training equipment and supper-bones, being found on next doors lawn, way beyond where we could have flunged them to.
3. Doglets on extra-vigilent, HIgh Alert on the 11pm and 1-30am patrol  - humans thought we just had Insomniac Squirrels or Mad Cats living Dangerously Humans would be bemused and irritated about our bum fur being up and our deafness to commands.
4.Java managing to roll in fox-poo, though hadn't left Base.
5.Neighbours attractive gardening  gauntlet  disappeared, and was found two days later, chewed and ravished. It weren't us - but of course we got the evils.

Our elderly neighbour  - heard commotion late one evening and found a fox sat on his back door step. Neighbour shooed it away with a broom and shortly after heard the Canine Feminist Security fire up, followed shortly after by "FugginShurrupYerBunchOfMongoJessies"

We doglets didn't want to cause any panic, trying to contain the terrorist threat without widepsread human panic. But panic, they are, tomorrow we are to be Advantage dotted as Foxes are not known for their attention to personal hygiene, de-wormed and the garden scoured for fox-poo. Our 11pm and 1-30am patrols are now preceded by humans leaning out of the door, clapping their hands and shouting "Cooo-Eeeee Foxy - do running little foxy" This isn't the way to conduct an offensive-defensive, do you see George Bush clapping his hands and shouting Coooo-Eeeee, Iranians, do running?

With regard to the neighbours, very attractive, gardening gauntlet, Foxy probably humped it one, which, if Foxy is a Lad, neighbour probably doesn't want to put his hand back in there. Don't blame the fox on that one......some gardening gloves are well sexy.

In other news, Java is off to Kinver tomorrow with her nice friends and then to get a zillion buckets of fuss, crisps and Real Ale in some pubs with nice walks betwixt. Humans off out to Messmedia with feddupfairy</div>


May have to turn into a dog and move in, they seem to have a much
more fun lifestyle! :)
Java certainly has a more exciting social life. Bit of an expert on Real Ale pubs. Never gets a round in though :-)
Aaaah foxes - destructive little buggers, but they always add a bit of added excitement (or something like that!) to a garden!!

They're probably my lot's rellies in the Midlands!!