kato age two

TV Land Psychosis

We doglets, have always enjoyed this Live Journal, as having one paw in the human world and trying to understand your crazy little human ways. But we call on you, our dearest, biscuity readers, to advise on our  humans slow but definite, downward spiral into psychopathological chaos. hatty human has always disliked a certain type of people, mainly celebrity chefs, TV makeover presenters and Jonathon Ross. We do understand that everyone has someone they don't like - for us doglets its Posty, (for posty must die, it is written in sacred Bonios) the congregation of the church next -door and Squirrels.

But this behaviour seems a smidge.....fixated. Burning out Trinny and Wosserfaces faces from Guardian magazine with ciggarette end, attacking Hugh Fearnleywhittyshits picture with a fork and shredding a picture of Jamie, Sir Flappytongued Bumface,Oliver whilst cackling like a Right Maddun. This doesn't seem quite right to us  - Is this normal human behaviour? Is it just her Age? Just Hormones? - or should we doglets be concerned? Can we clicker train our human out of this? Wasit lack of socialisation as a baby human? So many humans end up rejected and in rescue.

On Saturday, instead of muttering "asshole" and changing the TV channel,  our human sat through an episode of Hells Kitchen USA with Gordon PigKiller Ramsey, so she could " really feel the hate"  she was a simmering, frothing mentalist within minutes.   Even peaceful treehugging hippy was being drawn in - musing over the angle and trajectory of a bullet between the eyes of the arrogant Stir Frying Fecker......

We all watched Its Me or The Dog this evening - a sort of SuperNanny for Dogs, though human started fuming, spitting nails and feathers, wondering why the trainer didn't ask the owner of a little Jack Russel pup who was learning to sit,  "Wheres his tail yer fart?" The wee fella was so young and tiny, there couldn't possibly be a reasonable reason or medical reason for removing his expressiveness, his laughter and his communication. 

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Heh! looked like a playful puppy game to me, that had just got out of paw and not funny now the Dally wasn't a puppy anymmore. There was no real Aggression.
I don't think there is any need to worry while the targets of this intense dislike are obviously such deserving ones, just keep an eye on her to make sure they stay that way. :o)
So, setting fire to newspapers is OK then. Not certifiable or anything. Its the standing outside Television shops shouting bastard at the top of her voice thats really embaressing.
*lol* Possibly not normal, but definately common, everyone needs their very own Posty to hate ;)
..What gets me is people assuming that makes you an angry person, in a BAD way! Rubbish, everyone enjoys a good rant (or bark, followed by posty-pants shredding!)
Our humans are usually pretty laid back, well chilled, dusty old dudes so the behaviour is very much out of character.

She found a picture of Trinny&Wosserface on the coffee har this morning, which set her off again.
(from Jazz) I really wouldn't worry about it, mine get very worked up about such things, Gillian McKieth, supposedly labour politicians who are more right wing than Thatcher(thput thput), Fat Tongue, Loud Mouth and so on. They settle down calmly enough afterwards, I think it's like a good bark, it gets it out of their systems for a bit.

ps I am practising being accentless, don't want to arouse hostility when we move across the Pennines