kato linds

Laugh? We Nearly Mewed!

In "Laugh? we nearly mewed" type news, humans have installed an exercise bike into Collective HQ. Talk about shutting the kennel door after the dog has shat in your handbag.....

The bike invoked some deep instinct in kAtO, she snapped away at humans heels like a good 'un. Getting gently kicked in the snoot at every painful revolution. But these are not the hilly cobbled streets of some quaint Yorkshire village, with our human, delivering unpleasant but wholesome bread loaves, with faithful, companion hound playfully chasing at her heels.

Our Redfaced Human wobbled, nearly dropping her ciggarette, "Feck off Krappo, I nearly split me beer!!"

In fear of our human being close to Acute Respiratory Distress, Java circled the contraption making meep noises, or could have been Meep Meep, in secret RoadRunner type joke, punchline only audible to canine ears.

Lindsay just carried on packing her satchel for school tomorrow.........have we mentioned that the crumbly old Dudess is a fair few jumps short of an agility course these days?

"Phew" gasped our human, staggering off bike to look for an ashtray "I feel great, maybe I should get a real bicycle, with a basket on the front"

Abe went very pale.