Its Not Right to Want It So Much

Humans went to a viewing of *that* house in wolves, made an offer, offer accepted.... Holy Biscuits!!!!!! The Jubliation. Within an hour - gazumped. There should really be a law about this sort of thing.

"What" shrieked hatty "Are they mad? Don't they realise all the work that needs doing to it. Only an insane person could possibly want that house. OK - we up our offer to xxx,xxx"

Ahem! If the vendor wanted an auction then why didn't he put the damn thing on ebay.

We can't understand all this fuss over a 200 year old wreck. Though we do now understand why people buy characterless laminated boxes - it doesn't hurt so much when you don't get them - you just move on to the next one.

And now on to the next level of the game, the buyers will all put "Best and Final" offers in envelopes for the vendor to make his decision on Monday.....
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