Yes, I agree, when I was at school, many, many moons ago, a very small Welsh primary school,only seven in my year. One day a week we spent doing animal things - which included learning the responsibilitys of having a dog, how to break up a dog fight, how to pick a good sheeper from the litter - heh, very outdated and very Welsh thinking - but it really ought to be updated taught in schools, cos many parents and the media aren't teaching dip.
My hazy 6 year old memory is that hosepipes and buckets of water don't work. If theres two of you, you shout out the name of the dog you are going to tackle, grab its collar, twist and throttle. (I had forgotten this valuable, but obvious point, of shouting out which dog we would grab, when hippy and I were splitting up Abe and Java, both of us would lunge for the same dog, leaving the other dog free to get a really good attack in)

If you are alone, you grab the stronger/winning dog and whack the other dog with your stick........because we all have sticks on us don't we........

I think there was an assumption that we would be the owner of the two dogs.

Friend who has Jazz's mum, plus another two GSD's reckons if there are two of you each take a back end, stick an arm under the tummy, lift the backlegs off the ground and pull them apart. The dogs can't get any power in to pulling forward with out the use of the back legs and picking them up like that often surprises them enough that they just unbite too.

Rather more difficult if you are alone with them, her OH's description of having two of them by the collar, one in each hand and trying to keep them apart was quite scary.
Most people don't realise that Kato is half-rott unless they are very familiar with the breed. So we're sticking with "German Shepherd Summat or Other"

I admit I did have some prejudice towards Rotts myself until hatchet and I discussed the breed a lot, I did some research and of course good old Dog Pages.

The icon is Kato with Blade (hatchets full rotty)
Hmmm, I think we teach them Softness, it takes time and patience and being very tolerant. Having Kato from a pup, and doing text book socialisation with her, there are still situations in which she is a slave to some deeper instinct and can be grumbly with strange people. A colleague ran towards Kato recently,"Isn't she beautiful" and Kato grumped, not a growl, but she was shy and unsure.

Do you think Amys turning point with her initial seperation anxiety was when you got her a companion? Most people would have given up on her you know, I do admire you for sticking with her ups and downs.
I find dogs with no tails difficult to guage their mood. We met a big rott with a tail when we collected Kato, and it gives the dog a completly different appearance.

That's the most only sensible article i have seen on the issue so far. I see a lot of out of control kids around here with dogs, just wish the parents had the sense to train the kid first before getting a dog.
I think theres lesson for both sides in these recent stories, how we train and socialise our dogs, and the situations we put them in AND how people bring up their children.
I wish people would get so worked up about their uncontrollable and untrained, knife weilding brats. Its not the fear of loose dogs that keeps us off the park in the evening!!!!
And you get great snogs from Kato which I really wouldn't want from most of the dick-head parents round here (whack! 'I-told-you-not-to-touch-it', no idea what 'it' is, but it's in the garden where the kid goes unsupervised and then they get pissed of when the kid touches it). Or the dick-head owners who don't care enough for their dogs to keep them safe.

There I was trying to be positive, but still got carried away with a rant, sorry
Anyone know any dog friendly places in t'Midlands that we can take our dogs to let them off-lead? Theres always that fear that several delicious toddlers are going to appear at any second.
I was all prepared for awfulness at the 'In the past week alone, one baby has been killed by rottweilers' part (just because it happened in the past week, when nothing of the sort had happened for a while, doesn't mean you can dramatise it up like that! 'OMG, 1 baby a week, shoot all rottweilers!'), but beyond that, all true.

Saw a bunch of chav twats outside Spar the other day, just about keeping hold of a rottweiler going spastic at something. And the way you see bunches of chavs, or just kids in general, hauling dogs like that about, clearly NO idea what they're doing - ugh. Even my gran's fat old wouldn't-hurt-a-fly labrador used to get pissed off at that sort of treatment, something that's been bred with guard-dogging in mind, that has big fuck-off teeth & weighs more than me - don't bloody get one unless you know what you're doing!
(Applies to all dogs really, but you don't hear about someone's little lapdog giving them a bit of a nip, or someone's frustrated spaniel ripping the house to shreds, it only comes out when you fuck up with something big & powerful enough to, say, eat your baby o.O )
Kato gets a fair bit of "Scccccwwwwwweeeeeaaaaammmmmm - will it bite me?" which was a situation very difficult to factor into any socialisation program when she was a pup.

I think I read somewhere that Jack Russel Terrorists are responsible for more dog bites than any other breed. Abe's never bitten a soul but she has expressed uneasiness about babies. She cowered under the table and wimpered. This is our warning, babies make her uneasy and as her owners we have to ensure that we never leave in a situation where she has to deal with the stress alone.

I,ve almost finished reading Jean Donaldsons "Culture Clash" which makes this very clear.

Not a bad article, it at least is slightly longer than the one minute soundbites you get on the news. I think my views on the whole matter are fairly obvious, being a Rottweiler owner and working where I do.

In fact I think the big problem I'd have if I decided to go for inspector would not be any of the animal or law stuff, but not punching the idiot owners.

There's a lovely rotty called Angel in at the moment who needs a home, plus a couple of Rottie/GSD crosses. Oh, and a load of RottyX puppies in too.. ;)
Hopefully with pressure the consequences of poor ownership will be made more severe and the RSPCA given further powers to use in extreme cases.

RottyX pups you,no,no, you are a bad friend to hatty. Though looking at some piccys wouldn't hurt would it.......
It's not the dogs, it's the ridiculous owners that are the cause of incidents like these - idiots. I'm fed up with these scares about pitbulls, rottweilers and the like. If dogs are looked after properly and treated well - and generally I think kids are best kept away from them, not because of not trusting the dogs, but because the little gits tease them and then there's a possibility of an 'incident'.

People, eh?!?
I do believe that certain breeds have more of an instinct to hunt or guard, as humans we need to understand this and ensure that when we bring them into our world, we protect them from getting confused and getting it wrong.

Kato has been socialised properly but she can still get uneasy in some situations (hysterical 8 year olds). She is driven to guard. When Little Abe is uneasy,its almost comical. When Kato is uneasy, people get scared by her.