kato age two


Apparently had vaccinations yesterday, and a medical. Been practicing all week with a snooter box as I,m not keen on vet. Not since the unpleasantness of my spay.  Went like, totally Pavlovian and now drool at the very sight of me SnooterBox. Have to guard SnooterBox from That Abe, in case it loses its biscuit producing propertys. It was Vet Catherine though, bit of a tree-hugging, "companions not pets", New Ager hippy herself, though not quite as thin on top as my own hippy, and probably got less Tangerine Dream LPs. Catherines alright as far as vets go, I only grumbled cos the stethoscope was cold. The rest of the Feminists asked if the needle stunged. What needle? And I,m a perfect, well sassy 35.7kg.

In other "Its me or the dog" type news - I have been issued a new rulez. Not allowed any greetings from visitors unless Four Paws are on The Floor. Whats that all about? 

Sheffdogs dropped in unexpectedly at  the weekend, Java was obvioulsy warned as she went off Wallace&Gromitting with her Personal Dogsitter. Walking 8 miles near Brignorth, rolled in fox-poo and then swam back to the pub.  Java been asleep since she got back on Sunday.  Jazz SheffDog quickly marked up the garden, took me and that Abe a good hour and  drinking half the pond to mark the territory back up again. Java ran round sniffing on her return and accused me of having a party and breaches of security - yeah, Sticky Mongo Dog, you try stopping Jazz SheffDog doing her biz round the territory.

Our humans are on Annual Leave - which has led to exceptionally slothlike behaviour. Its taking a fair few wet noses on their bare skin and sniffing down their ears to get them out of their basket in the morning. Though standing on them and baying from the pit of my well-empty stomach usually does the trick, did I mention I,m  35.7kg/78.5lbs? Though humans did manage to drag themselves to PIkea today and purchase random foolishness. A thing to store the soft-chews toilet rolls and a new kAtObed  quilty throw thingy for the spare room bed.



PS - oh yeah, rottweilers are getting bad press in the media at the mo, humans reckon its only my back end thats the rotty bit, (and maybe my nervyness and my habit of talking to myself) - so....Fear My Ass