kato age two

Trespassers will be BItten

Blimey! You get a bit of your dinner stuck in your back jaw and the humans are panicing like an Abe whose just had a raspberry blown on her head. 

Lindsay got something stuck in the deepest, darkest recesses of her rather foul mouth, (foul as in manky, rather than foul as in language, though the old girl does cuss like a trooper) It was probably one of her crumbling, festering teeth, she's too geriatric for any dental work.  There was a complete Dog Collapse.  Back Axle and Front Axle gave out, followed by bewildered agitation. Making frantic chewing motions and trying to scrape her head on the floor/furniture.

Hippy bravely put his hand in and rummaged, "Geroff me Yer Big Hippy£" growled Lindsay. The situation not helped by Kato curiously peering down Lindsays throat. "Dude, you so need to floss"

"Krappo, get this flippinHippys arm out me mush" gurgled LIndsay

No foreign bodies detected, though Lindsay was outraged by this rude invasion. There'll be letters.

Dear RSPCA, I want to report a violation, this bloody hippy trespassing in my gullet.........

Luckily, drooling old dudess recovered within a few minutes as humans were contemplating Canine Heimlich Maneouvre.
Both of ours have had revolting wind issues this weekend....probably much more than you wanted to know there...